Strawberry Click and Grow Kit

Behold the garden gadget of the future! This innovative indoor gardening kit provides you with everything you need in order to grow succulent strawberries. Your Click & Grow Smartpot will water your plants as often as necessary and provide them with sufficient lighting. As a result, this futuristic garden gadget is the ideal gift for gardening novices and seasoned growers alike.
Every component of this Click & Grow Smartpot has been specifically designed to provide your strawberry crop with the ideal water, light and soil conditions it needs to grow. For instance, each Smartpot kit contains Click & Grow’s ‘smart soil’ ; a nano growth medium that contains ingenious oxygen pockets as well as the optimal combination of nutrients that your plants require for quick and healthy growth. What’s more, each Smartpot contains state of the art sensors and software to measure the growing conditions of your strawberry plant to verify that it is healthy at all times.
Simply plug the Smartpot’s LED Grow Light into the wall, add four AA batteries, fill the water reservoir and watch as your favourite fruits sprout and flourish!  You can expect to see your strawberry crop begin to sprout within three weeks and grow into a full sized plant within four to eight months. From this point you can enjoy delicious home-grown strawberries for the next six to fourteen months


Written by: GardenGadgetZone