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Gardman Squirrel Baffle.

So you want to discourage garden pests, but you don’t want to hurt the little fellas? If you find yourself trapped in a perpetual battle with bird feeder-seeking squirrels then you may wish to invest in a Gardman Universal Squirrel Baffle. This polycarbonate dome stretches 40cm in diameter. Once attached the smooth and slippery nature of this dome prevents squirrels from gripping onto feeder poles and eating all of the food that was intended for local wild birds.

This clear dome comes with a series of fittings and instructions so it can be adapted to fit all manner of 12mm, 2mm and 25.5mm bird feeder poles, feeding kits, shepherd’s hooks or alternative feeding stations. Thanks to the Gardman Universal Squirrel Baffle, squirrels will no longer be able to get a grip onto your feeding station in order to climb up and steal your bird food.

As an added bonus the dome’s protective cover also provides sufficient weather cover for feeding birds as well as preserving the seeds, nuts and other bird feed that you have put out for them.

garden pests


squirrel baffle

Written by: GardenGadgetZone