Intruder Alarm

Why do I need Garden Security?

Garden pests don’t always come in the shape of a squirrel purloining your soft fruits or an unwelcome cat scaling your new bird table. Those outbuildings including your garage, shed or tool store need protecting too. Even the garden furniture you store in the gazebo would cost a pretty penny to replace. With an Intruder Alarm system, you can quickly and easily protect all of these items, today!

1byone Motion Sensor Intruder Alarm

Intruder Alarm
  • Motion Detection
  • Waterproof
  • Non-crosstalk
  • Expandable
  • Easy Set Up &o Operate
  • 36 Alarm Sounds
  • Adjustable Volume More…
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1Byone Infrared, Wireless Intruder Alert System

Guard Outbuildings, Plants & Furniture

The prospect of intruders, the cost of replacing stolen power tools and the inconvenience and worry of claiming through house insurance can all be avoided. Simply take five minutes to fit a Wireless Intruder Alarm System to those outbuildings and this nifty little garden gadget will watch over them for you. This system is ideal for guarding against all sorts of intruders onto your property. Fit the sensor on your garage, shed, garden room, tool store, or indeed anywhere outside that you think needs protecting.

Guards The Front of Your Property

If you have a garage, storage facility or garden decorations at the front of your property, these will benefit from this marvellous security gadget too. Wouldn’t you like to have some early warning if a visitor is approaching your house? This is especially useful after dusk when you cannot see anyone but this wonderful security gadget can? Come the fall, you will get an early alert on those trick or treaters at Halloween and choirs of carollers at Christmas too!

1byone Motion Sensor Intruder Alarm

Whether you are protecting your outbuildings, garden furniture, fruit trees, polytunnels, green house, pool house, hen house or even your house, you are going to find this security gadget invaluable. It requires no wiring, it is easy to set up, will cover a large area, has a great selection of alarm sounds and even has a volume control.

Fit one of these security systems in your garden and have peace of mind today.

What do you get in the pack?

intruder alarmOut the box your pack contains 1 receiver unit and 2 sensors. The communication range of this intruder alarm extends up to 1000ft (300m) from each sensor to the receiver. Whether your “intruder” is a car, a person or an animal, they will be detected within a range of 24ft (8m) of each sensor’s angled eye. A signal is then sent from the sensor to the receiver, that will chime just like a long-range door bell. Isn’t that the best doorbell ever?

You are going to get plenting of warning if an intruder is near your prize marrows, investigating your shed or if that nuisance cat is in your petunia bed again!


This intruder alarm system has 3 alert options and 36 chimes for you to try out. Your three options of how to be alerted are: Sound / LED, Flash / Sound and LED Flash.

The chimes have 3 volume levels you can select from 25 to 80 dB. This nifty garden gadget will give you early warning of visitors and intruders alike so that you are always aware of who and what is on your property. Peace of mind in a box!

Weatherproof & Built to Last

intruder alarm
You will be delighted to hear that your 1byeone intruder alarm security system is robust enough to cope with weather changes. Come rain or shine, this great little gadget will keep your outdoor area covered. From temperatures of -4 F to 120 F the sensor has excellent waterproof and anti-freeze functions. That means it is suitable for both outdoor and indoor use.

Easy to extend

Your kit comes with two sensors that are great at covering a wide range. However, if you wish to add more sensors to cover a larger area you can easily add more sensors to your security system.

Whether the area you wish to secure is a handkerchief garden or a sprawling spread, this great little gadget has you covered.

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