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Frostfire Energy Saving Solar Light.

Tired of fumbling around in the dark searching for your house or garage keys? Then the Frostfire solar LED outdoor light could brighten up your mood as well as the front of your house!

This waterproof and heatproof outdoor light will illuminate anything that steps within its 3 metre activation zone, and its advanced motion detector will turn the device off 10 seconds after motion stops.

Utilising a 0.44W solar panel, the Frostfire outdoor light will charge up power during the day and only use it when necessary. This energy efficiency causes the Frostfire’s solar panel to have impressive life span of 5 years and its LED light to have a life span of approximately 50,000 hours. It also means that you don’t have to purchase any batteries or fit any unsightly cables.

Add to these energy saving benefits the fact that the Frostfire outdoor light is easy to install with two screws and wall plugs are provided in the pack, and you are equipped with an efficient and reliable outdoor security light for the front of your house.

Available from mower
Available from rattan garden furniture

Written by: GardenGadgetZone