Fairy Garden

Put some magic into your garden by building your own Fairy Garden. If you are looking to start with something simple, try our article “Fairy Garden Ideas” which has some great suggestions on how to build a small, pot contained fairy garden that can be easily moved around the garden or brought inside for the winter months. Once you introduce a small fairy garden into your outside space, you are sure to be inspired on ways to extend and improve your fairy environment to entice the little folk to move in and stay. A little fairy house, a swing, a throne, before you know it, those fairy folk will be well established in your garden and infecting it with the magic they bring!
If you would like to sit and observe your fairy garden in the evening, why not place it close to your patio and add some fairy lights? Fairy houses and furniture illuminated with fairy lights can create such a magical view for you to savour and enjoy as you relax on the patio in a comfy chair. Who knows, maybe you might catch a glimpse of the fairy folk in the twilight? Alternatively, find a secluded spot down the garden to place your fairy garden. Children and grown ups alike will love to stumble upon the magical sight of a fairy garden that looks like it appeared just for them! It also provides a great opportunity to really go to town on the extent of your fairy garden. Check out our recommended “fairy furniture” which can create a really lived in atmosphere, and a sprinkling of fairy doors such as our “hobbit door” or fairy door in a tree are bound to entice the fairy folk to move in and stay. Whatever type of fairy garden you choose, it can provide hours of fun in the building and hours of entertainment in the enjoyment. Whether you choose some of the fairy garden gadgets on this page, or invent some of your own, we think you will have a lot of fun building a Fairy Garden, and we’re sure the “little people” will appreciate it too!